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ZGirls 2 is a survival game with attractive Japanese Anime graphics. The zombie-themed game comes with a different story than Last Day on Earth or Dawn of the Zombies. ZGirls 2, a game developed by Hong Kong-based Star Ring Game Limited, offers a panoramic perspective and a fascinating survival challenge. From a top-down perspective with extensive modes system, it’s an alluring game to play for all. 

General Information

Players take on the role of one of the girls in the post-apocalyptic planet. Like, many other survival games in the genre, you’ll start with nothing. Collect materials and manufacture vital equipment such as axes or pickaxes to cut trees, quarry stones for building dwellings, and many more items as you move through. Players can build a safe camp of their own by expanding from a basic shelter.

You can also invite other players to join you in the survival campaign. The game is divided into small zones on the map, allowing players to explore the environment and deal with new threats. ZGirls 2 is a role-playing game with a level-based system and increasing experience. As your level rises, you’ll gain access to extra features and create more complicated themes.

ZGirls 2 has a 3D Anime-style graphical background that offers a vibrant and visual perspective with distinctive gameplay. 

Game Plot

Beginning with ZGirls 2, players will assume the character of one of the last remaining girls in a post-apocalyptic world populated by voracious zombies ready to devour anybody. You will have to exterminate them and survive through the stages, finding food and shelter on the way. 

Collection of Materials

Collect materials and craft equipment such as axes for quarrying and chopping trees. You can also construct houses and other essential items. ZGirls 2’s map is divided into small regions, allowing players to explore the planet and deal with new threats. ZGirls 2 has an overhead view that makes it easy for players to move about. In addition, the game allows you to play with female characters. 

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Overall Evaluation

Intriguing Gameplay

The popularity of Last Day on Earth has given this series a fresh lease on life. This game has created a storm in the gaming zone during recent times, thanks to its accessible perspective, complicated gameplay with an appealing crafting system, and survival tactics.

The same storm prepared the way for a slew of post-girl sequels, including ZGirls 2: Last One. ZGirls 2 also offers a hard-to-survive experience in the center of a zombie-infested world, as well as an elevated perspective and an in-depth crafting system. ZGirls 2 features no opening or introduction, throwing players into a world where they must fight for their survival at any cost. You’ll have to cut trees and quarry stones with equipment like axes and pickaxes, allowing you to build dwellings and a lot of necessary furniture. The game map is divided into small regions, allowing players to explore the planet and deal with new threats. The game has a brighter setting and more anime-style graphics than Last Day on Earth. So, if you want to try something new, ZGirls 2: Last One is your best bet.

Character Movements

ZGirls 2 is a 3D survival RPG in which you manipulate a skinny, gorgeous girl in a zombie-infested world to survive. The system, which mixes stunning females with authentic techniques, has been entirely changed from the older versions. In the devastated zombie-controlled area, you must battle your opponents, collect several materials, and fight to save yourself. 

Players gather materials including trees, grass, ropes, and iron while acquiring food, cooking utensils, possessions, crates, and equipment. You can use crafting to make objects, like axes, machines, and facilities that can be used on the battlefield. 


Food and shelter are necessary prerequisites for the player. Her hunger can be satisfied by hunting animals, such as deer, rabbits, etc. However, the supply route must be prepared by constructing facilities with crafts such as water collecting devices. The character’s level is fixed, but also rises when crafting or defeating an enemy.

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In ZGirls 2, the field is separated into numerous stages. You can move the map about and go to the appointed location. However, if you utilize the energy that recovers, you can move between stages quickly.

Difficulties and Obstacles

Use the gamepad and the left stick to move to operate on the field. Action buttons, such as picking up things and attacking with weapons, are located on the right side. Raising the character’s level and collecting materials allow you to craft various items. Because water is scarce in its early stages, leaving an empty plastic bottle behind is preferable. When you leave the field and return to the screen, it will switch to the map screen. Take your time getting to your destination, or use up all of your stamina in a short amount of time.

Tips and Tricks

Look to the left side of the screen for the craft battle navigation and gather the resources for the icons mentioned. English is the default language, but you can change it. Weapons and armor can be crafted to equip a character. However, it is preferable to keep your sanctuary safe, which serves as the base; it is better not to confront zombies during the early phases. Because weapons wear out quickly, it’s best to create them at regular intervals and save armor for later.

Dawn of Zombies Is a Good Alternative

The concept of post-apocalyptic survival or a zombie apocalypse isn’t new to the gaming community. In Dawn of Zombies, survivors of a nuclear tragedy are transformed into walking corpses, and odd occurrences are visible all over the place, posing a threat to the limited number of humans. 

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Dawn of Zombies starts similarly like other zombie games. The players take on the character of a man who has no recollection of his history. As the player’s avatar learns more about the zombie-infested world around him, he meets new people, face new enemies, and figure out how to survive. The game’s principles are simple. Instead of allowing players to move the character by clicking numerous times on the screen, the game has a virtual joystick in the lower-left corner. A couple of other action buttons can be seen in the right corner.

The player can punch numerous things, communicate to others, loot stuff, and interact with their surroundings. New clothing and weaponry will be given to players; however, they will only be used as the main character for the show. Aside from that, the game offers a fascinating mechanism that creates a menu with modifiable options. 

The integrated energy unit is another challenge that players must overcome throughout the game. This energy source will allow players to move characters from one location to the next and finish the game’s primary plot. Players must wait a bit after their energy runs out before continuing playing.


Creating a zombie game necessitates both imagination and graphics. ZGirls 2 Mod Apk is the perfect blend of Last Day on Earth with a seductive and adorable female character design. ZGirls 2 has no opening or introduction, similar to Last Day on Earth. The game throws players into a dead world where they must fight for their lives at all costs.

To survive in this difficult environment, you must travel to dangerous locations searching for necessities, weapons, and ammunition. Not only is the zombie horde a menace, but you must also deal with survivors and other players to determine whether they are willing to be allies or enemies. ZGirls 2 is a better choice for survival than gamers, based on what we’ve seen so far.

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