Zombie Age 2 v1.3.9 for Android Users (MOD Unlimited Money/Ammo)

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GenresShooting games
Requires4.0 and Up
Size30.70 MB
MOD FeaturesA lot of money and Infinite ammo
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The epic zombie shooter is back, and you’ll be in for a lot of exciting action. To combat the zombies’ onslaught, collect a range of unusual and useful weapons, each with its unique traits and abilities. Take pleasure in a succession of smooth and pleasant shooter motions.

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The game follows the plot of Zombie Age 2, in which you wake up in the middle of the night to find the zombie apocalypse has broken out. Being one of the rare people that isn’t infected with the virus. You now have to protect your home from swarms of zombies. The zombies have taken over the city in this second part of the series, and everyone around you is slowly turning into slabs of meat. In addition, the house is running out of supplies, and the zombies are becoming increasingly furious. You’ve decided to go out and deal with the zombies as your house is no longer defendable.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Simple Gameplay

Zombie Age 2 is a highly enjoyable and addictive zombie shooter game. You’ll also have a great time playing the game because there are many weapons and characters to choose from.

Enjoy the Game in a Variety of Ways

Gamers can play the exciting game in seven different modes, taking you to a different zone across the zombie realm. Fight your way through swarms of zombies while learning new strategies to win the game in style.

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Choose From a Variety of Intriguing Weapons

To efficiently combat the zombies, you can choose your weapons from a large assortment of up to 30 different possibilities. As you make your route, feel free to explore the unlimited possibilities. If you choose to use a melee weapon, slice through the adversaries with your keen blades. Alternatively, use your powerful shotguns to blast the zombies away. You may even unlock the fantastic bazooka and flamethrower.

Access Variety of Characters

Gamers are introduced to a large number of distinct characters. With over 17 distinct heroes to choose from, each with its own set of powers and abilities, you will enjoy the different game modes. 

Enjoy the Gameplay With Several Fun Missions

Gamers are also introduced to a succession of numerous tasks with growing difficulty to keep things exciting. These would assist you in becoming accustomed to the exciting gameplay. With promised future updates, there will be an increasing number of fascinating missions to choose from.

Use a Variety of Buffs and Boosters

You can employ different buffs and boosters available in the game to obtain advantages during combat. Feel free to use your first aid supplies to treat our heroes, provide them with protection from your armored vests, or order an epic air strike to clear your way of the endless hordes of undead.

Play With Your Mates

You can also ask for help from your friends to aid you in your battle against the undead. Allow them to battle beside you in the thrilling co-op scenarios, where you’ll be pitted against an army of zombies with only two great fighters.

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Compete Against Players From Across the World

Those who want to compete with online gamers can quickly access the fascinating global leaderboard section, where you can challenge others to earn points from the game. 

Free to Play

The game is free for Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices, despite its fantastic features. As a result, you can quickly download it from the Google Play Store without paying anything.

With Our Mod, You Can Play With Unlocked Features

Those of you who are having trouble with the in-game purchases and quests, you can always download our modified version of the game and play it on your mobile devices anytime you want. Feel free to spend your infinite money on whichever buffs and upgrades you like, and have endless shooting sessions with unlimited ammo. Most significantly, you will no longer be plagued by annoying advertisements. 

Sound and Video Quality


The game is available in both HD and SD graphics. Even though you’re using a low-end phone, you’re unlikely to encounter any graphical issues. In terms of gameplay, Zombie Age 2 exposes gamers to simple yet rewarding visual experiences that makes the game less terrifying. 


Find yourself completely immersed in this spectacular and immersive experience, with powerful and audible sound effects that will make you feel like you’re in a death battle.


Players will now have another fun game to play with Zombie Age 3 and Zombie Tsunami. You will appreciate their gameplay because it is easy yet addictive, and there are no bloodshed in it. You’ll also gain access to all modifications. Download the game and enjoy.

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