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Zombie Defense is an action game in which you’ll face over 100 billion people who were once dead but have now returned to hunt you down. The game is a cross between a strategic game and a Tower Defense game, in which the player must defend the entire squad of survivors from the zombie hordes. Use all of your tactical skills to attack scary zombies with a powerful unit or sturdy weapons.

General Information

Join this co-op horror adventure set in a large, chaotic city. Eliminate the source of infection by surviving a zombie apocalypse using your kickass tactics and micromanagement. If you give up now, the entire city will be infested. Before putting elite soldiers on slots, recruit them and level them up. Order them to self-defend against the incoming hordes of undead.

Join the massive base-building system, where you can place a wide range of things, including barriers, turrets, explosives, and other military-grade components. You’ll get to try out a variety of weapons, ranging from devastating shotguns to ultra-precise sniper rifles. When you play the game, you’ll see that the controls are quite similar to Ground Control II, Starcraft, Jagged Alliance 2, and Last Hope TD. Bolster your army force and use weapons to build the most effective strategy. 

During the battle with the undead, all weapons can be improved. This can be done with extra money gained from various tasks. If you’re intrigued, there’s a wide range of equipment to unlock, ranging from six-barreled turrets to bulldozers. The players will encounter a variety of zombies, including those that eat, crawl, and even fly. You have 40 missions to complete to win, and there are four different difficulty settings to conquer: standard, nightmare, 3-man challenge, and TV challenge.

Overall Evaluations

With its attractive graphics, a plethora of turrets, objectives, intriguing gameplay, and formidable soldiers, Zombie Defense is a game worth playing. There are many positive things to say about the game, from the intelligent unit to the logical upgrade reward system.

When you first test the game, you’ll be enamored with the upgrading system and how simple it is to customize the units. The game still has several flaws that need to be addressed. Players have complained that it suddenly crashes after the current update. They tried reinstalling it, but the issue reappears.

In other situations, gamers purchased all the upgrades and were on their way to win when they stopped playing for a bit, only to lose all their progress. Nevertheless, according to the exterminator’s description, the unit receives double the benefits when killing zombies. During the game, you can’t power up the towers the way you do with your unit, and as a result, the towers are rendered worthless in the face of ever-increasing hordes of foes.


You will see various specified places around a level where gamers can place fighter or stationary weapons. Every unit has its arsenal of weapons to combat the undead onslaught. You have complete freedom to move to any available location on the screen. Aside from shotguns and explosives, there are massive vehicles that can crush any monster in their path. Alternatively, you can use the laser-activated turrets to stop them from breaking inside the base.

Once the cursor changes to the red target, the airstrike gives you a bird’s-eye view of the map. This is fantastic in emergencies, especially if the unit is low on health and you’re facing a swarm of zombies. Be cautious, as the unit will face eight different foes, ranging from shambling monsters to creeping predators.

Offline play of Zombies Defense is free, with upgrades available for purchase. Gamers can choose from a larger number of heroes, soldiers, and turrets to use and enhance. As the complexity of the levels increases, achieving the final triumph becomes increasingly difficult. Because the zombies are so close to you, prioritize your safety over everyone else’s. 

After completing each level, you can use your gathered coins to purchase more exciting improvements. So, if you’re not happy with the speed, why don’t you try increasing it straight away?


Except for the music, which is fairly repetitious, the sound effects and images are excellent. The character design isn’t as current as possible, but it’s adequate. Their performance as warriors and zombies is outstanding so that you will fall in love with it immediately. Furthermore, the blood splatter is extremely realistic, undoubtedly delighting any player.


Once you start playing it, you won’t be able to stop as itโ€™s addictive and entertaining. The game is a great mix of classic Tower Defense and strategy games that will fulfill every taste in a flash. Download the game now and enjoy its unlocked features.

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