Zombie Hill Racing Mod Apk 2.0.9 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperINLOGIC ARCADE – zombie racing shooter
Requires4.1 and Up
Size108.02 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Get ready to be immersed in the fantastic world of zombies in Zombie Hill Racing. In this game, Android gamers will be able to go on spectacular rides across various terrains and do epic stunts with their off-road monsters. Most importantly, the game offers players a unique racing experience, complete with gigantic monsters, and various other things.

Freely ride around several maps with various terrains and unique level layouts while slaying countless zombies. You’ll find yourself up against increasingly difficult foes, requiring you to upgrade your bikes and increase your firepower. Escape the Zombie Land by driving across locations loaded with zombies. 

With our comprehensive evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic game by Inlogic Arcade.


The zombie outbreak has taken over the planet, and now the entire city is crawling with ugly undead creatures looking for tasty morsels. As one of the few lucky survivors, you’ll need to flee the area as soon as possible. In this vast hill climbing game, get in your truck and start bashing over waves of zombies approaching you. Remember to keep an eye on the gasoline gauge, as you only have a limited quantity. At the same time, learn to make precise smashes and shots from a distance to take down the deadly beasts.

Take on various in-game challenges to enjoy driving on various terrains and fighting various zombies with growing abilities. Unlock fantastic power-ups to boost your vehicles and learn epic hill climbing moves. Make various tuning and upgrades so you can use your powerful truck engine and firepower to escape from the zombies. 


The following are all of the app’s intriguing features.

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Touch Controls 

Android gamers will appreciate the game’s accessible touch controls, which will make it simple and entertaining. To start the engine, press the accelerator pedal. Also, feel free to use the nitro button to accelerate your vehicle.

There Are Numerous Automobiles 

Zombie Hill Racing will provide you access to an amazing car collection, allowing Android players to enjoy a variety of driving adventures. Enjoy working with the one-of-a-kind cars and their one-of-a-kind driving mechanics, which will result in a variety of hill climbing experiences.

Have Fun Modifying Your Automobiles

You can now enjoy the in-depth upgrade mechanics, which provide several power-up possibilities for the selected vehicles. You can modify your rockets to increase nitro power. Also, unlock wheels to make the vehicle maneuver in a better way. Unlock a more powerful engine to help you get through more challenging routes. Purchase fresh fuel cans to allow you to travel further.

Fans of Classic Hill Racing games, such as Renegade Racing and Earn to Die 2 will be able to appreciate Zombie Hill Racing’s iconic features. The game’s available weapons will allow players to have fun shooting zombies. 

There Are Multiple Stages With Increasing Difficulty

Android gamers will have the opportunity to play several in-game levels throughout the game, each with distinctive settings and exciting gameplay. Feel free to take on the zombie apocalypse with your chosen rides and win amazing prizes. With increasing difficulty levels, the game will appeal to novice and experienced players.

Interesting Stages 

To add to the fun, Zombie Hill Racing has a variety of exciting stages with unique gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy. It offers a variety of in-game activities for gamers to enjoy at their leisure. 

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Get Your Daily Rewards 

Experience the thrilling gameplay while also earning a variety of unique in-game goodies. You have to stay moderately active and wait for your daily prizes every 24 hours.

You Can Play the Offline Game 

To make the game more accessible, Zombie Hill Racing is now available for all Android gamers to play offline. Without connecting your devices to the Internet, you can enjoy all in-game functions.

It’s Free to Play

Despite all the interesting features, Android gamers can enjoy the game for free on their mobile devices. You can have a good time with Zombie Hill Racing’s casual racing gameplay. But bear in mind that because it’s still a freemium game, you’ll have to deal with commercials and in-app purchases.

On Our Website, You Can Play an Unlocked Game

Unless you want to pay real money for the Google Play Store, the mod version of the game on our website is always a better option. We offer limitless playtime, unlocked in-game purchases, and ads removal. So, download the Zombie Hill Racing Mod Apk and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Sound and Video Quality


With great in-game mechanics, Inlogic Arcade has to update its graphical components to make the game more intriguing. Despite the modest 2D visuals, you can still experience the realistic and fascinating features of the game with several visual effects. Use the exact and realistic driving physics to make the game more engaging. The well-optimized graphics will ensure that the game runs smoothly and is accessible on all Android devices.

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Music and Sound

The game enhances your hill-climbing experiences with immersive sound effects, soundtracks and unique visual effects. These should allow players to immerse themselves in the driving experiences and actions.


Prepare to be immersed in the thrilling world of Hill Racing. Feel free to go through numerous in-game stages, where you’ll face off against increasingly difficult zombies, earn new weapons, and make a variety of vehicle upgrades. The huge gameplay with unique mechanics, on the other hand, will never fail to impress you. So, download the game now and enjoy.

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