Gta: Chinatown Wars Mod Apk 1.04 Unlimited Money and Ammo for Android Users

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DeveloperRockstar Games
Requires7.0 and Up
Size865 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (GTA: Chinatown Wars) is available on two Nintendo DS and PSP systems for five years and iOS for nearly four years. New Android users can touch Rockstar’s fantastic product on the Google Play App Store. You will play as Huang Lee, the son of a Hong Kong gang lord. Huang Lee’s father was assassinated unexpectedly, and he had lost everything, including his prestige and wealth.

According to custom, he has to find the Yu Jian Sword for his uncle Kenny to inherit the crown. He was, however, confined in a truck dungeon when he arrived at Liberty City. You will begin the game, when you will first set foot in the Gypsy.

GTA: Chinatown Wars is a role-playing game series by Rockstar Games that takes players to famous locales. Players will take on the role of a real gangster to investigate the mysteries that lie deep within the shadows. In the game, you will engage in various activities like racing, assassination, and shooting while completing the missions of the assigned organization.

General Information

The top-down perspective of GTA: Chinatown Wars will be similar to that of the early GTA games published in the late 1990s. The game’s plot is set in a familiar city from the Grand Theft Auto series. 

Huang Lee was a thief from the Trifarian Society feuding with a Korean gang in Chinatown. GTA: Chinatown Wars sticks to the free-flowing style in terms of gameplay, allowing the main character to complete a wide range of tasks across a diverse set of missions.

Many people wrongly believe that Rockstar Games has returned Chinatown Wars to the early days of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, complete with obsolete 2D visuals and a top-down perspective. However, compared to its forerunners, Chinatown Wars is far superior in terms of material and recent gameplay innovations. With so many advantages, Chinatown Wars is a fantastic GTA spin-off.

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The plot of Chinatown Wars is set in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV, and it follows Huang Lee as he fights criminal groups in the city of Liberty. Huang flew from Hong Kong to Liberty to learn about his father’s death after hearing that he had been assassinated. They also pushed Huang into a power spiral amongst the various groups to take over the kingdom that his father had abandoned.

How Do You Play Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars?

Overall, Chinatown Wars is similar to other GTA games in gameplay. Compared to the typical control method, the manipulation of moving and robbing the car stays the same. Aside from that, the game offers useful assistance features such as automatically aiming at the target. You’re driving or using the GPS to locate the target on the bottom screen’s mini-map automatically.

The mini-games from Chinatown Wars on the DS version have been fully replicated, from breaking the car’s electric lock to searching the trash can for weapons to tattoos and gas bomb construction. They’ve also swapped out the stylus for the control mechanism and the touchscreen for analog and trigger buttons.

There are over 20 different types of weaponry in the game, ranging from smoke grenades, flamethrowers, and swords to handguns, shotguns, and elite snipers. Chinatown Wars is the first GTA game that allows players to retake any quest to get more bonus points or complete it faster. The efficient Trip Skip feature allows you to rerun a task that has just failed without going through the time-consuming phases. 

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In the game, the police force is continuously on the lookout for suspicious activity. The desired system has a one to six-star rating system like in prior GTA games. The more stars you have, the more populated your police force is. Convoys of patrol vehicles, roadblocks, helicopters, and mobile police forces will surround gamers at the highest sought level.

Players can run fast or use the Pay’n Spray paint store to wash away from the city government’s relentless pursuit. Players can also lessen the number of wanted stars by knocking down the police car but not harming the officer in charge. 

Overall Evaluations

If the game’s main storyline bores you, there is still enough to do in Liberty City. You can take police cars, ambulances, taxis, and fire trucks and perform outside duties like robbery and firefighting. It also includes racing tasks and a system of jumping places (Stunt Jump). There are over 100 hidden cameras dispersed throughout the map for players to discover.

Not only does GTA: Chinatown Wars shine in the single-player, but it also has a fun multiplayer mode that includes Death Race (racing), Stash Dash (delivery), Liberty City Survivor (duel), Defend the Base (base defense), and Gang Bang (defend your property while destroying the opponent’s property).

Players can communicate messages to other players in the game and trade weapons, equipment, and spots of interest on the map. After completing the single-player game, you can post your score and unlock a few bonus quests by connecting to the Rockstar Social Club website.

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GTA: Chinatown Wars offers astounding visuals and sound over its DS predecessor. The game’s models of buildings, cars, characters, and landscapes are extremely detailed. The lighting, weather, and time of day effects are superior to any previous GTA game on the PSP platform. The game offers 11 different radio stations that correspond to eight music genres such as Rock, Metal, and Hip-Hop. Furthermore, in-game sound effects such as automobile crashes, screaming people, and gunfire were meticulously recorded.

Alternatives to Consider

Gangstar Vegas

In Gangstar Vegas, you’ll take on the role of boxer Jason Malone and follow in his footsteps. Despite the numerous challenges, he remains one of the best fighters. With the victory over Frank Valieno, our boxer friend will receive a large sum of money, enough to live a long life.

On the other hand, this person did the exact opposite and defeated his opponent in the first round. Of course, the waves started when Frank put Jason Malone on the list of people he wanted to get rid of. Now you need to flee from his pursuit and comply with Gangstar Vegas’ demands.

The game’s graphics are pretty impressive, and every scenario has a great deal of detail. In addition, the video camera operator and the Havok engine operator make the driving turns more sophisticated than before.

Final Thoughts

The Grand Theft Auto series has long been the monument of the open-world action game series, with 17 years of virtual world conflict. Grand Theft Auto offers a gameplay system that allows players to explore a vast territory, but it also poses numerous obstacles to the hardware capabilities of the PC and console. Chinatown Wars earned a slew of positive reviews and high ratings upon its release, not to be outdone by its predecessors. Download it now and enjoy.

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