Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk 1.18.2 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperTech Tree Games
Requires4.4 & Up
Size65 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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The universe is vast, and there are many secrets that we have yet to learn. It has a large number of planets and each planet is self-sufficient in terms of resources. Idle Planet Miner is a simulation video game in which you can mine resources like ore, rare metals, etc. Install Idle Planet Miner to try them out right now.


Sound and Graphics

Tech Tree Games invented and developed Idle Planet Miner. Tech Tree Games is a mobile game studio that specializes in generating innovative idle games. Idle Planet Miner is free to download from Google Play and the App Store. As a result, the game can be installed on Android and iOS-based mobile devices. Idle Planet Miner is also compatible with tablets such as the iPad. The single-player game is available for download for free.

Furthermore, the game’s simplistic aesthetics make it easier to play. The background depicts a galaxy filled with millions of stars, and it’ll transport you to a vast cosmos. This will provide you with a relaxing environment. However, if you don’t want to bother others, you can turn off the music and sound in the game’s settings. 

Mine the Planets’ Resources

You will be the manager of a space mining firm in Idle Planet Miner. Begin mining the resources of a few nearby planets. There are numerous planets where you can mine for resources in the game, such as Balor, Drasta, Anadius, Dholen, Verr, and others. 

Furthermore, each planet will be self-sufficient in terms of resources. Copper and iron ore, for example, is found on the Drasta planet. On the Dholen planet, though, you can locate iron ore and lead ore. You can sell the ore after it has been brought to your ship. Select the ore, set the slide to the desired selling price, and then touch sell to complete the transaction. If there isn’t enough cargo to accommodate them all, your ships will automatically prioritize the best-quality ore.

Furthermore, the game gives several objectives for you to gain special rewards. For example, harvesting 50 iron ore will net you $150. You can earn 20 dark matter (purple orb) when you assign a manager to a planet. Furthermore, there will be certain exciting occurrences in outer space, such as comets, meteorites, and so on. Smash them with your finger to acquire rare ore.

Improve Your Mining Ship’s Output

The world’s demand is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Adjust to supply and demand around the galaxy and maximize earnings. This will aid in the expansion of your ore capacities. There will be three components on each planet that you can use to improve the planets. Cargo, Mining Rate, and Ship Speed; the greater the elements, the more ore you will be able to mine. Your ship’s speed will also rise at the same moment. Apart from that, boosts can also increase mining speed, ship speed, and cargo speed. If your ship is flying too rapidly, it will be displayed as a beam, and resources will be transferred once every second. You can also boost the productivity of remote planets by terraforming them. Some awards can assist you in permanently upgrading your mining ship.

You can also engage managers to help you boost your output. Also, upgrading your management can also help you expand your capacity. The familiar names will make it easier for you to recall your bosses. Furthermore, the publisher has created and made available a large project to keep you engaged while playing Idle Planet Miner. You can turn it into more valuable things by smelting or crafting the ore. Smelting 1000 copper ores, for example, can yield a copper bar. Alternatively, iron ore will be used to create iron nails. To boost your output, look at specific projects.

About the Game

Players will extract ores in outer space by constructing mineral exploitation centers on various planets. Idle Planet Miner will appeal to a wide range of players, from youngsters to adults. After a long day’s work, you can unwind with Idle Planet Miner. Furthermore, you can play the game without an Internet connection.  

You can also engage in live multiplayer tournaments, which adds to the game’s appeal. Idle Planet Miner has garnered over 1 million gamers, ensuring a great gaming environment and nonstop entertainment. Let’s play Idle Planet Miner together, develop our empire, and have some fun.

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