Life Is a Game Mod Apk 2.4.21 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.4 & Up
Size89 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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When you play Life is a Game, you will feel various emotions flowing through. The game offers real life simulations in 2D pixelated images. During the game, adult footsteps and tiny children’s giggles can be heard. Also, the number of coins and buttons you choose affects your life and look. Your mission is simple: run, leap and make a lot of money. 


This game has been created by DAERISOFT. Begin the game by selecting your character and its life choices, such as hobbies, friends, job, house, car, getting married, and having children. The game begins from the character’s childhood and ends at their demise. In between, you will experience several jobs and hardships throughout your life. Because the game is entirely simulated and realistic, players will better understand human occurrences.

The game seeks to recreate a kid’s growth to adulthood, old age, and death in great detail. In each step, the game provides several options. Your life will undoubtedly be miserable without hobbies, friends, or family. If you sketch drawings as a child, for example, your character will grow into an art-loving adolescent who will display your artistic abilities. If you play an instrument, your character is more likely to become a singer or musician. There are numerous ending and background scenarios throughout the game. Everything is continually changing in response to your selections. Lastly, you’ll have to deal with more complicated matters, including your health and relationships with others.

On the “life” track, you’ll come across key times where you’ll have to make significant decisions about your future. Players will acquire goods that come along the road in each life stage, such as money, food, cigarettes, and so on — objects that reflect needs in each person’s life. Players will have to be picky and take what they need. However, everything will be realistic; if you overeat food, you will gain weight; if you smoke too much, your chances of dying will increase. 

Throughout your life, you will encounter many unique situations. Of course, assuming you don’t have any unfortunate issues such as overeating or excessive smoking, you will reach the end of your life and die of old age. The game recreates all of life’s essential parts, with the player writing everything.

A character’s existence is divided into four major stages in the game. Players in the first level primarily collects fundamental knowledge, construct characters, and mold talents. This part of life is linked to the character’s fundamentals, such as hobbies, friends, and relationships. Throughout this stage, friendships and personal interests will be shaped throughout. During manhood, players will have to make numerous decisions, based on career, marriage, homeownership, and purchasing a personal vehicle. You will also confront other challenges, such as deciding whether to pursue your passion or job. “Old age” is the final stage. The figure in “Old Age” will have reduced agility and health and will progressively go through the events of old age, culminating in death.

The game has a large fashion store and a selection of accessories. As a result, gamers can customize their characters’ appearance by purchasing new costumes. The game provides a unique and thrilling journey with multiple potential endings; they all hinge on your choices for the rest of your life.


The game offers simple controls where action buttons are located in the lowest portion of the screen. You can make the right decision or hit the items with the two buttons on the right. Three buttons on the left side of the screen activate the result of your choices. In addition, you can use the bottom left buttons for friends, family and other relationships. 

Sound and Graphics

Pixel-style 2D visuals with a simple horizontal viewing angle are used in this game. As a result, players have an objective view of each stage of human life. Overall, the game employs vibrant colors and effects. The game’s background music is engaging, has a moderate rhythm, and provides a lively environment. The game’s music effects are cheerful and lighthearted, and sound effects vary depending on the modification. Because the 2D images are in the original pixel format, the characters that appear are quite adorable. The game’s overview is simple but incredibly engaging and appealing.


In the 2D RPG genre, Life is a Game is an intriguing alternative. The game depicts the journey of a person’s life. Also, it covers every stage of life and major events that can be encountered. With each action, players become increasingly aware of the value of life culminating in the game. The game is well worth your time if you enjoy role-playing, simulation, and adventure games.

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