Mad Skills Bmx 2 Mod Apk 2.4.11 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
Size73 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Android gamers can enjoy their BMX rides, thanks to this fantastic game by Turborilla. As you push through the obstacles, keep working hard to accomplish the in-game tasks. Use your mobile gadgets to enjoy the infinite and exciting BMX rides.

As you take on the world of Mad Skills BMX 2, have fun alongside sports fans, professional athletes, and experienced riders. Mad Skills BMX 2 features a variety of easy yet engaging in-game challenges with increasing difficulty. Pick up your fantastic rides as their stats and abilities improve. 

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic mobile game by Turborilla.


Android gamers will join a rookie BMX rider in his quest to master the art of BMX riding. As you play the game, you will go through several in-game stages with varying difficulty. At the same time, when immersed in addictive rides, feel free to learn incredible skills.

Feel free to enjoy the thrilling racing and action gameplay while exploring the addictive game modes and diverse in-game experiences. Enjoy the increasing gameplay as you continue to explore the amazing world of BMX racing. As you learn new activities and gain fantastic rewards, you’ll encounter various exciting challenges and in-game tournaments.

Above all, the fantastic mobile title will let Android users share their thrilling online gameplay with friends and other online gamers worldwide. Thanks to the addictive real-time online matchups, you can have even more fun in the game.

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Here is a list of all of the game’s exciting features.

Simple Bike Controls 

Mad Skills BMX 2 offers convenient control options; you can press the up button to complete your jumps, then correctly click the down button to effectively slide down the treacherous tracks. Continue to ride ahead at maximum pace while keeping your bike under control. Win the levels and cross the finish line ahead of your opponents.

Side-Scrolling Views and Realistic Physics

You can uncover fantastic in-game physics that will make each of your maneuvers a lot more believable, making the in-game races more dynamic and immersive. Simultaneously, the simple side-scrolling views and superb animations will allow Android gamers to enjoy their fantastic rides.

You Can Work With a Variety of Bikes

Mad Skills BMX 2 offers Android gamers seven distinctive bike types to choose from. You can swap between different motorcycles by completing various in-game challenges. Explore the amazing universe of Mad Skills BMX 2 to the fullest and discover various riding sensations.

As you move through the game, feel free to experiment with different upgrades and customization options. Enjoy a variety of exciting tweaks, which allow you to freely explore the amazing universe of Mad Skills BMX 2 with your unique rides.

Levels With Growing Difficulties

In Mad Skills BMX 2, you will face various in-game challenges as you progress through the game’s levels. Feel free to embark on the ultimate driving challenge with a slew of challenging opponents. Enjoy the increasing difficulty levels, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the mobile game without being bored. 

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Awesome Tunes With Original Artwork

Mad Skills BMX 2’s fantastic tracks are now available to play for free. The game includes hundreds of hand-crafted BMX tracks that are sure to impress even the most ardent riders. You can enjoy the wonderful gameplay to the maximum with the updated selection of tracks every week.

Fun Competitions

In Mad Skills BMX 2, mobile gamers can enjoy the exciting in-game tournaments, including a variety of gameplay options. Feel free to check out the Weekly Jam competitions, which feature interesting games adapted from the popular Mad Skills Motocross 2. You can have more fun with your addictive BMX rides while earning several in-game incentives.

Have a Good Time With Your Friends

Thanks to the game’s online tournaments, Mad Skills BMX 2 can enjoy the game’s exhilarating action with friends and online gamers. Feel free to compete with real players while immersed in your amazing rides. Challenge players from your state, region, and even beyond in real-time matchups where you’ll get the chance to show off your incredible abilities.

It’s Free to Play

Despite all of the interesting features, Android gamers can enjoy the game for free on their mobile devices. You only need to download Mad Skills BMX 2 from the Google Play Store; no purchase is necessary.

In Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Fun With Unlimited Coins

The game offers advertisements and in-game purchases, which you may find irritating. As a result, you can download the customized version of the game instead. We have a limitless supply of coins for you to pick up and enjoy. Simultaneously, the deleted adverts will ensure that you are not disturbed while playing. Download the Mad Skills BMX 2 Mod Apk from our website and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Sound and Video Quality


Mad Skills BMX 2 amazes gamers with its realistic physics, fast-paced animations, and compelling visual designs, despite only using simplistic 3D graphics and side-scrolling racing gameplay. The undemanding graphics will allow you to play Mad Skills BMX 2 on your mobile devices seamlessly.

Music and Sound

Mad Skills BMX 2 will enhance your racing experiences with unique music and entertaining sound effects. Feel free to put your excellent techniques to the test while listening to the captivating audio.


Thanks to various accessible gameplay and fascinating customizations, Android players can have fun with Mad Skills BMX 2’s excellent racing gameplay. At the same time, you can play compulsive online matchups with your friends and other online gamers. Most significantly, our unlocked and accessible version of the game will astonish you.

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