Manor Matters Mod Apk 3.2.1 (Unlimited Stars) For Android Users

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Requires4.2 & Up
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Hidden Hotel, Criminal Case, and Home Designer are unquestionably among the most popular hidden-objects games. In addition, these types of games are never out of style because of their captivating and addicting gameplay. If you’ve tried any of the above, I’m confident you’ll enjoy the game we’re about to discuss.

Playrix, the developer of popular games including Gardenscapes, Fishdom, and Township, released “Manor Matters” in 2019. It has been an enormous success and undoubtedly one of my favorite hidden-objects game.


Manor Matters is a free-to-play mobile game where players must rebuild Castlewood’s old manor while uncovering its secrets. The game begins with the players arriving in Castlewood, an abandoned manor. This manor is said to be haunted, and word has traveled throughout the city. While searching for the heir, the previous owner of the mansion, Carl, comes to the scene. Because this is a crucial scenario, players are encouraged to explore the case and find answers to certain key questions, including:

– Why is the manor empty?

– What terrible truths are hidden beneath the tapestry?

– Does the mansion have a ghost?

Carl will give the players a tutorial to help them understand how the game works. If you’ve ever played Gardenscapes or Homescapes, I think you’ll find this game to be fairly simple. Players will take on the roles of both a detective and a home designer in “Manor Matters.” As a detective, your mission is to explore the problems and uncover secrets. You can restore rooms and find antiques as a home designer. 


Simple Gameplay

To accomplish the missions in “Manor Matters,” players must uncover hidden things and play puzzle games. It may sound like a lot of effort, but thanks to step-by-step instructions and a simple layout, gamers won’t find it too difficult. You’ll have to finish sequences to gain stars so that secrets and answers can be disclosed through a gripping and interesting plot. Although Manor Matters is suited for all ages, it contains certain spooky elements that needs to be considered risky for young kids. 

You will have the opportunity to explore several different rooms in the mansion, each with its unique features. Players will be given a list of items to find in each scenario with some hints. Hidden features and stories will be found as you restore and decorate the old structure, allowing you to connect to the location’s history.

Star-Based Reward System

Manor Matters offers a wide range of sceneries to enjoy and explore, but you can’t pick and choose which one to play. Because it is a story, players will need to play the scenes to comprehend them fully. The game progresses by giving you a different setting to play with each level. If you fail, your choice will be to play it again. Lastly, you will be awarded coins and gifts from characters to complete the stages.

Mansion’s Interior Design

Players can not only solve the secrets of this mansion, but can also decorate it with stunning interiors. You will be given a few alternatives to choose from. Each piece you renovate may take some time to complete. Because the house is such a large structure, finishing an area may take several days.

Countless Stars

Players can have infinite stars to fix furniture and open new regions, thanks to the modified version. There are no restrictions on how many decorations and areas you can alter.

Sound Quality and Graphics

The design team has put in lots of efforts in making it interesting and appealing. For instance, the concealed objects are exquisitely detailed, the images are vibrant, and the animations are excellent. Because this game has a terrifying element, some individuals may find the soundtracks and effects disturbing. 


If you’re seeking a game that will provide you to be a skilled designer and a smart investigator, “Manor Matters” is probably one of the best options. The game isn’t just for fun; it can also help you expand your vocabulary by providing you with various new terms to learn. So, download today and enjoy.

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