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DeveloperMy Town Games Ltd
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Visit My Town’s simulated classroom and let your kids show you what they’re learning in class. Allow them to participate in a music lesson where they can learn to detect musical notes and practice playing the piano, catch melodies on the guitar, or build groovy drums. My Town: School is a great game for youngsters and it includes a variety of school-related topics such as the cafeteria, laboratory, and sports field. 

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General Information

My Town: School is a simulation game that allows users to build their storylines, study in multiple classrooms, and participate in school games. Take a seat in the principal’s office, listen to rumors in the cafeteria, conduct scientific experiments, and visit the school sites. My Town Games released this game on February 25, 2016, and it has grown in popularity since. This game is recommended for children aged 4 to 12 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

This game is available in several languages, including English, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Chinese. Learning new languages can also be simple for children, especially since the game is informative and quick to adapt. Based on the game’s title, you can probably guess what the game is about.

Background Information

Your child can do numerous activities, such as working in the lab, playing sports and having lunch in the cafeteria. All actions in a real-life school are accurately and vividly represented in this game. Other than My Town: School, there are similar games present on the Web, including My Town: Fashion Show, My Town: Bakery, My City: Office, My Town Hotel, and My Town: Beach Picnic.

This game is instructive and promotes a healthy playing environment. Aside from that, it introduces a slew of new characters and classmates that you can switch between games. There are also other hidden riches and riddles to solve. Are you clever enough to find them all? There are no third-party advertisements or in-app purchases in this game.


My Town: School offers realistic gameplay and attractive graphics. The protagonist begins by sitting at a bus stop, and the bell rings to alert all students and instructors that class has begun. After that, when players begin the game, they all emerge in a large hall. The character is then given several chores to perform. 

You can earn hearts by moving and selecting the collective components in each room, which are then used to award scores. Many new special features have been added to the game, including the ability to apply emotions to all characters. By double-clicking and holding a finger on each person’s face, you can make them laugh, cry, or grin. These avatars can even imitate your emotions. You can also pack your suitcase with various fresh clothes and outfits from different companies. 


The cafeteria serves food and beverages on the shelves for the players. There are various drink cylinders made of colorful tones that make the cafeteria look nice. Aside from that, there are many tables, chairs, and garbage to keep things in order. Because this game is designed for kids, it teaches them to be clean and responsible. 


Players, particularly children, will go through the process in the restroom. The toilets must be clean and tidy for anyone who uses it. 

Science Center

Children will enjoy this room as experiments are always appealing. Players will learn about plants, the environment, and other fascinating topics. One intriguing aspect of this game is that players can build their narrative each time they restart it, making it difficult to get bored.


Perks and privileges are common in strategy games, and My Town: School is no exception. The movement is a little choppy at times, but most kids don’t mind. 

Alternatives to Consider

Hotel in My Town

My Town Hotel is a kid-friendly simulation game. Your kid will learn about a luxurious five-star hotel by participating in activities like as touring rooms, selecting costumes, and dining at the hotel’s restaurant. What could be better than packing your belongings, retrieving your suitcase, and getting set to check into the hotel you reserved in advance for a wonderful stay? 

My Town Hotel offers a wide range of rooms and amenities. Relax and enjoy yourself by the pool before returning to your room and changing into a new outfit for supper at the hotel’s restaurant. You can enjoy fruit cocktails and creative foods too.

Before checking out, ensure to stop into the hotel’s playroom. Embark on a pirate adventure, play in the dollhouse, and try on a variety of new clothing in the locker room. You might also require cleaning assistance from the crew. 

Overall Assessment

My Town: Beach Picnic is an enjoyable educational simulation game for children. The kids will participate in various entertaining activities and learn a lot about the globe. What could be better than spending a day at the beach with friends and having a pleasant picnic? Let’s download and play the game My Town: Beach Picnic so that your child can enjoy a fun picnic, participate in beneficial activities, and learn more about the world.

My Town: Beach Picnic is a fun mobile simulation game for kids that will teach them about life. Children will learn how to cook, explore the sea environment and the beach through interactive activities. 

My Town: Beach Picnic includes a beach picnic backdrop, therefore, every situation presented to children revolves around it. The kids will make sandcastles, try the tastiest dishes, and eat delicious ice cream. My Town: Beach Picnic, in the example, adds educational activities to environmental conservation, such as beach scavenging. 

Final Thoughts

My Town: School Mod Apk is a product of Studio My Town Games, a company specializing in creating games for youngsters. Many children and parents trust and enjoy its goods because they provide a fulfilling, imaginative atmosphere and playing experience. 

It is currently the largest school game on mobile phones, featuring 9 fascinating locations, 11 children, 7 adults, 10 scientific experiments, 8 musical instruments, 5 ball games, and the most delicious Buffet restaurant food globally. My Town: School allows you to play, imagine, and discover different ways to play. Download the game today and enjoy.

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