Pocket City Mod Apk 1.1.357 Already Paid for Android Users

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DeveloperCodebrew Games
Requires4.4 and Up
Size32.80 MB
MOD FeaturesPaid for free
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Are you tired of the time-consuming gameplay and aesthetically demanding games that have eaten up so much of your attention? Looking for a game as basic as Stardew Valley but with a range of different ways to approach it? Pocket City’s outstanding gameplay will undoubtedly gratify those interested in city-building games.

The game introduces Android gamers to unexplored territories and untapped potential. Build a range of different buildings, houses, shops, attractions, community constructions, and so on. Encourage individuals to relocate to your city and lead them to a prosperous future.

You can learn more about this fantastic game by Codebrew Games with our evaluations.


Android gamers will discover a virtual metropolis in the game. In it, you’ll take over as mayor that has complete power over the city and its residents. It will be up to you to decide whether new buildings should be constructed or existing ones should be demolished, how to deal with or approach specific problems, and, most significantly, how to develop your city.

You’ll find the game incredibly dynamic and entertaining each time you play it. People, automobiles, animals, and animated structures, on the other hand, are quite lifelike. It’s as though every one of them has their soul and life. Keep an eye on them as they slowly come to life and follow them through a series of exciting events.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s interesting features.

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Create Your Miniature City

Android players will have access to the thrilling gameplay. They will be able to create their city by establishing zones and placing various buildings, each with its own set of uses and effects. Feel free to create your city and select where and when to build new structures. Transform your towns into some of the most beautiful communities in the game. 

Touch Controls 

The game also includes intuitive touch controls that allow you to operate your city and access its features. Furthermore, the user-friendly controls allow gamers to become acquainted with the game without difficulties.

Enjoy Your Stories

Android gamers will have access to a variety of exciting and interesting events that will impact your city. Have fun in block parties, and putting people in danger from natural and artificial tragedies. Each event will have a distinct impact on the city and its residents. 

Explore a Range of Intriguing Quests

Players will have access to engaging gameplay, including various objectives and in-game tasks to complete. As you continue in Pocket City, feel free to have fun developing cities and guiding people through various challenges.

Access Advanced Structures

You’ll also find that you have access to various advanced buildings, which you can unlock by leveling up your city. As your level rises, additional rewards and chances will become available. 

Obtain a New Parcel of Land for Future Development

Players will have access to a vast city with a range of diverse lands to create. Furthermore, many virgin parcels of land surround your city, on which you can build and create spectacular buildings with lovely sceneries. 

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Run the City as a Mayor

Gamers will have access to several different managements they must contend with. Also, participate in various exciting events taking place in your community. Begin with regulating your cash flow so that you don’t go out of business. Also, maintain traffic rules and regulations to keep it safe for drivers and passers-by.

Dynamic Landscapes 

Players will have access to a lively and intriguing city, complete with residents, vehicles, animals, and buildings. Your population will respond to each of your decisions and the events that occur in the surrounding area, making the city livelier. 

Never Lose Your Progress in the Game

The game provides access to the online save settings, which allow you to upload your current progress to the Internet cloud. Connect the game to your Google Play Services account to use this feature. Furthermore, you will be able to sync your game across different devices with just a single swipe. 

Play the Game on Your Own or Through Internet

The game can also be played offline without needing an Internet connection. As a result, you can play the game while staying outside, even if you don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection. There’s no need to turn on your mobile data; you can play the game offline whenever you want. When it comes to cloud backups, you have to reconnect your devices to an Internet connection, and the upload will take care of itself.

Have Unrestricted Access to the Game

The game is accessible as a premium edition on the Google Play Store. In addition, you will have to purchase the game and then play it. Those of you who want to save money, on the other hand, can always play our modified game. Download the Pocket City Mod Apk and install it according to our instructions. You don’t have to spend anything to play the entire game. You can play the complete game for free and with no restrictions.

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Sound and Video Quality


The game’s intuitive and in-depth pixelated graphics will keep you engrossed for hours on end. Furthermore, the dynamic components, such as realistic weather and engaging residents, will make your city even more relatable. The game can also be played in portrait or landscape mode.


Android gamers will have access to unique noises and spectacular visual experiences. Everything is realistic and entertaining, giving the impression that you are actually in the city. Each time you visit Pocket City, you’ll see that the lives of the citizens have changed slightly as a result of the new adjustments, which is fascinating.

Download Pocket City Mod Apk 1.1.355 for Android

Codebrew Games offers Pocket City as an addictive and entertaining game for all of you. If you’re a fan of Idle Island and its unique city-building gameplay, there should be no excuse for you not to play the game. Moreover, it is free and you can easily download it.

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