Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk 1.0.47 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperGamesUnion Technology Co.,Ltd
Requires4.4 & Up
Size136.85 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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If you like traditional motor racing games like Bike Rush and Real Bike Racing, you will definitely enjoy Racing Smash 3D, a game developed by Games Union Technology. As you gain the upper hand and overtake your opponents on the road, enjoy the rewards after winning. Enjoy riding on the tracks, which feature a variety of unique rides ranging from regular motorcycles to incredible mounts. Play the addictive smashing challenges while experiencing all the features of motor racing. 

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this intriguing game of Racing Smash 3D and all of its features.


Android gamers can have fun with the intriguing and unconventional racing game of smashing and hitting in Racing Smash 3D. Feel free to join others in various thrilling rides where you can use your powerful smashes to defeat your opponents. Allow them to fall under your feet as you continue on your rides.

Enjoy the game with a wide range of weaponry, each with its in-game features. Unlock amazing aesthetics and riding sensations for your intriguing rides. Make yourself the coolest biker on the track by dressing up. Also, unlock a variety of in-game levels with fun gameplay and increasing challenges. 


Simple and Accessible Gameplay

You will have no issue getting acclimated to the gameplay and features. Feel free to participate in the thrilling game where you can freely move your ride through easy controls. Smash and knock your opponent off the track by tapping on them. As a result, collect the loot, avoid obstacles, and kill all accessible targets.

Variety of Weapons and Equipment

Experiment with the fantastic weapons and equipment featured in the game, each with its own rules. Use your massive blades to slash through any targets on the track. Alternatively, you can fire limitless rounds of automated bullets at the adversaries to take them down quickly. 

Rides On Unusual Machines

You can ride on various exciting attractions to make the game more fun. Take pleasure in working with your high-powered motorcycles that can easily overtake other competitors. As an ancient warrior, wield your long spear on the magnificent horse. Also, dress up as the God of Wealth and ride the comical lobsters. Racing Smash 3D’s innovative mounts will undoubtedly make the game more entertaining and pleasant.

Enjoy Your Rides

Play the game against various diverse opponents and feel the thrill of competing in various spectacular races. At the same time, feel free to swing your weapons and attack random people, trucks, taxis, and other vehicles.

Interesting Boosters and Prize Boxes

You’ll be able to earn various items along the journey, including unique boosters and treasure boxes. Use the boosters you’ve collected to unlock various fun power-ups that will allow you to enjoy Racing Smash 3D. 

Engaging Tracks

You will enjoy the exciting gameplay of racing action on several different tracks, each with its unique aesthetics and setups. Take on the opponents and enjoy your racing endeavors.

Enjoy the Relaxed and Stress-Free Games

Racing Smash 3D’s offline gameplay is now available for you to play. So, there’s no need to turn on your mobile data or hunt for a Wi-Fi connection.

Fun Dressing Up Your Characters

Racing Smash 3D offers intriguing dress-up elements that allow you to modify characters. To make your ultimate combos, mix and match unique characters and fantastic clothing with the awesome weapons and rides. 

Play for Free

Despite all the amazing features, you can enjoy Racing Smash 3D for free on their mobile devices. Download and install from the Google Play Store. However, because it is a freemium software, there will be advertisements and in-app purchases, which may annoy you while playing.

Mod Version

Download the Racing Smash 3D Mod Apk and follow the instructions to get started. The customized version offers in-game money and ad-free experiences.

Sound and Video Quality 


Racing Smash 3D will allow Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the addictive experiences with outstanding in-game visuals and fascinating animations. Allow yourself to get immersed in the fun rides while enjoying the stunning visual effects and realistic physics. 

Music and Sound

Racing Smash 3D offers amazing visual effects and in-game graphics. Also, it offers tremendous audio experiences that will keep you hooked on for hours on end. Thanks to the excellent soundtracks and sound effects, you can always enjoy playing it alone or with friends.

Last Thoughts

Racing Smash 3D is a terrific game for mobile players, with basic gameplay and unique in-game aspects. Feel free to participate in various addictive levels, including entertaining gameplay and various components. Most importantly, with our website’s free and unlocked version of the game, you’ll have plenty of reasons to start playing.

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