Restaurant Dash Mod Apk 2.9.5 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
Size99 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Start preparing items in Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay. You’ll prepare and serve delectable foods from all around the world to your guests. If you enjoy games like Cooking Madness Frenzy and Cooking Diary, you’ll want to add Restaurant Dash to your list of great weekend games. It’s a time management game requiring rapid vision and quick reflexes from players. 

General Information

Do you enjoy culinary simulation games and aspire to be the best chef globally? Every day, several activities take place in the capital city, with mixed reviews of restaurants, chefs producing new recipes, and exciting cooking competitions. In Restaurant Dash, you can practice your cooking talents and enhance your skills. 

Restaurant Dash is a free game that allows you to conquer unlimited entertaining tables with hard challenges. You’ll be able to unlock additional new restaurants on the map as the game progresses. In this entertaining cooking game, prepare delectable dishes to attract a growing number of diners to your restaurant.

What Is Restaurant Dash and How Do You Play It?

Restaurant Dash is a game about restaurant management that takes place in a unique setting. Because the restaurants are closed, the town becomes disorderly, and accidents occur everywhere. In Restaurant Dash, you’ll play Flo, a hero attempting to return to his birthplace to thaw the frozen town, fix the buildings, and open a home restaurant to feed the hungry diners. 

Restaurant Dash is a voyage through a poignant story of a town’s revival in which you must go straight to the kitchen to prepare food for your customers. Prepare your cuisine, select furniture for the town, and decorate it. 

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To win the game, you must first comprehend the customer’s needs. Then, select the food for the chef to prepare and deliver to the customer. The money can be collected after the consumer has finished eating. The more complicated you make things, the more customers you’ll have to deal with. Players who enjoy this type of game should download and play it right now!

The game mixes numerous plot and construction components into a single experience. The terrible giant villain and his tiny Luo Luo have devised a scheme to devastate the tranquil community. It’s a restaurant-themed business game in which the protagonist, Flo, is used to embark on a new simulation business adventure. It enables you to discover new ways to restore wealth, allowing the town or restaurant to improve.

The game features a variety of simulation plots and random mishaps. It combines construction aspects to create a welcoming community. You’ll gather ingredients to prepare delectable dishes to entice customers. Then restore the town’s warm atmosphere and fight the wicked powers. Begin cooking and competing in events to serve customers and reap the sweet rewards of triumph. From the town square to Pupu Park, Hotel Gardens, and Grandma’s Victorian home, repair and transform every piece of the delectable town. Choose from thousands of design and decoration combinations to personalize the town and make it your own. Get to know the locals and assist them in restoring the town’s former splendor.

Alternatives to Consider

Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash is a fun game for girls who enjoy cooking and eating. You will become a true chef when you learn how to cook delicious meals in quick time. To complete the cooking process, gamers will take turns swiping the screen, shaking the device, and spinning it. Cooking Dash will take players on a journey to the culinary world, where they will encounter hundreds of additional meals and difficulties as a chef, restaurant management, or server. 

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Players must first become accustomed to the service, collect money every time and serve individuals with a friendly and professional attitude. The restaurant owner can afford to spend more money if the heart-collecting vessel is full. Thanks to excellent service and an appealing menu, the restaurant’s reputation will spread far and wide for guests on all floors. 

Final Thoughts

Restaurant Dash is a popular management game that has been ported to Android and iOS smartphones. As the main character, you must arrange chairs, pick up menus, serve food, and pay bills to customers before they become impatient. The more quickly you complete it, the more money you will earn. You can upgrade the restaurant by earning bonus points and decreasing the cost of purchasing products. Download the game now and enjoy.

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