Rush Wars 0.284 (Unlocked) For Android Users

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Requires6.0 & Up
Size103.2 MB
MOD Features– Removed country restrictions
– Note: This is private server mod, it is crowded now. If you cannot log in, try more several times.
Updated02 Days Ago
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Rush Wars allows you to take part in an epic gold rush challenge with players from all over the world. Build up your bases with various defenses to help protect the valuable gold from the attackers, defeat enemies with your powerful units and employ a variety of buffs and boosts to make your army stronger. Gamers will continually adjust their play styles due to the complex tactical gameplay. 

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this incredible game by Supercell Studios.


Players will join together in an epic gold rush in which they will compete with one another for the valuable gold mines. Capture as many as you can from your opponents to become wealthy. Protect your gold against hungry raiders who will do all in their ability to snatch it away. You will be granted a set number of available units at the start, each with its own set of capabilities and abilities. You’ll then have to employ special abilities to put up your fortifications and a few formidable contraptions. Ensure you have adequate firepower to defend your valuable gold mind against the enemies. 

You can also take the chopper out into the vast world in search of gold mines owned by others and attempt to raid them for the ultimate reward. Plan your attack carefully and use all of your available units to break through their defenses. Most significantly, Rush Wars offers relaxed, casual gameplay, so you don’t have to be fully immersed in the game at all times. You can also enjoy looting from other players in a few fast raid battles during your spare time, such as during a lunch break.


You’ll discover everything you need to know about this incredible game.

Immerse Yourself in the Game

As you go on to dominate the gold rush competition in Rush Wars, you’ll find yourself thoroughly engrossed in this fantastic game. Choose from various units and towers to bolster your defenses before the invaders attempt to seize your prized gold mine. Explore the planet searching for other people’s gold mines to plunder with your legendary raiding force. Lastly, discover the ever-changing terrain, dozens of different units, towers, and more in this dynamic game.

Build Up Your Defenses

In Rush Wars, you will be introduced to dynamic gold mines that you will need to protect in the game. If you are unable to do so, your opponents will break into your base and take the riches. As you advance through these conflicts, devise clever strategies with countless upgrades and power-ups. 

Different Units With Varying Abilities

Rush Wars also allows players to choose from dozens of different units with differing capabilities and skills to assist them in altering their defense methods. That being said, you can choose strategic places and build towers to attack the enemies efficiently. Utilize their abilities and mix them with those of the towers to devise the most effective plans.

Assemble Your Army of Fearsome Raiders

The game offers in-depth raid battles because of several units available. When the combat begins, choose your ideal team composition based on your economy and the adversaries’ defenses to take the upper hand. Along with different warriors and war vessels that can be included in your squad, the game offers outstanding commanders who can assist in motivating other forces. Finally, you can collect instant boosts for your team to use throughout specific stages of the combat to get benefits. 

Explore the Gameplay 

The game will appeal to those who prefer online team battles with their friends. You can join certain teams or build your own. Link up with other teams from all over the world to fight in epic battles and defeat them in spectacular team battles to earn great rewards. 

Participate in Interesting Assignments

Rush Wars also offers players a variety of daily assignments that they can choose from to keep the game exciting. Launch the game and turn on your Internet connection to receive new tasks. Choose whichever tasks you want to perform and earn fantastic rewards.

Amazing Prizes 

Along with the game’s addictive and exciting action, it also presents players with various rewarding prizes. Participate in various tasks and unlock great achievements to earn a variety of goodies. Not to mention the fact that you only need to be moderately active in the game to collect your Free Boxes, which contain excellent troops and defenses.

Play for Free

The game is currently available for download on the Google Play Store. Despite advertisements and in-game purchases, the gameplay is still in huge demand. 

Sound and Video Quality 


The game’s aesthetics are simple. You’ll be addicted to the well-designed troops, towers, and structures, among other things. With strong visual effects, immerse yourself in rewarding combats.


The game provides gamers with fun casual gaming and huge team battles that you can join with powerful and on-theme sound effects.

Download the Newest Version of Rush Wars Mod Apk 0.284 

Fans of massive strategy games like Boom Beach will undoubtedly enjoy this latest Supercell title. Not to mention that you can download and try it out for free. We see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

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