Sky Whale Mod Apk 3.1.1 (Unlimited Coins) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
Size91 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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Sky Whale is a fun side-scrolling game that tests your motor abilities and time management skills. Based on the Nickelodeon TV show “Game Shakers,” the game requires you to soar in the air and bounce for as long as possible. It’s ideal for children’s enjoyment. The game is popular among players since it is entertaining and addictive. The basic goal is to maintain the whale in the air as long as possible while collecting doughnuts. 

General Information

Here’s your chance to play the great Game Shakers game from Nickelodeon’s amazing show. The game entails doughnut collection and flying operations in the sky. The ability to employ ridiculous item combos and increase your jumps sets this game apart from others.

Double Money Monkey Toilet, Double Sushi Pig Nose, Monkey Chicken Boot, Double Eel, and other products are common in the game. Players can gather the eye-catching rainbow doughnuts for the ultimate Sugar Rush. The more you unlock, the higher and farther you can bounce. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab them all.

When you initially launch the program, you’ll be taken to the home page, which features a full-screen image of a pinkie whale. The animal is encircled by tiny LED lights, making it look adorable and sparkly. 

Sky Whale’s AR feature allows you to hunt for things using only phones or the tablet’s camera. Join an infinite runner game in which you must keep the adorable whale afloat by bouncing it against the clouds. Don’t forget to give it a lift by collecting doughnuts. Longer distances get you more coins, which you can use later to buy more power-ups.

Overall, the game is not too difficult which keeps players attached to it for hours on end. It’s a hybrid of the real and virtual worlds, presented in an understandable manner using cutting-edge technology. The game also keeps kids entertained long enough to learn about the Nickelodeon show.

Overall Evaluations

Sky Whale is an entertaining and fantastic to play. It was created by Cree Cichino and Madisyn Shipman, two New York City-based teenagers who work for Game Shakers. Most gamers enjoy the app, especially when they acquire the massive doughnuts, which frequently appear throughout the voyage. Playing the game is a fun way to pass the time, where you can have 12 doughnuts at the most. You can enjoy Sky Whale without being interrupted by advertisements. 


Bounce and stay in the air for as long as possible. During play, you can use one doughnut each time while jumping. However, keep in mind that your doughnuts may run out. To proceed through the app, keep collecting doughnuts along the route. Along the journey, collect green dollars that can be used to accelerate the progress. If you wish to help yourself travel further, feel free to acquire new stuff. 


The graphic is undeniably excellent and appropriate for all ages. The game has nearly 30 million downloads, prompting it to resurface in a new AR format. When viewed through their phone camera in a 360-degree challenge, it will transform the player’s physical surroundings into something different. You still control the whale as it moves across space, soars through the skies, or swims underwater. Always collect items and gather points during the race to win.

Last Words

There are no pop-up ads within the game, which is a welcome relief for fans. You can exchange your points throughout the game that helps you stay awake for longer. After you’ve earned points, go for snorkeling or any other water-based activity. The game is not only humorous but also interesting to keep you glued to your phone.

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