Soccer Super Star Mod Apk 0.1.31 (Ad-Free) For Android Users

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DeveloperReal Free Soccer
Requires4.3 & Up
Size91 MB
MOD FeaturesAd-Free
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Soccer Super Star is an enjoyable soccer video game. In each thrilling match, you get a highly realistic soccer football experience played at rapid speed. Prepare to be amazedd by breathtaking soccer matches with fast-paced action and vivid 3D graphics.


Soccer Super Star is for individuals who are busy but still enjoy soccer. The game should be suitable for most individuals due to its basic gameplay. To kick the ball, swipe your finger across the screen, and enjoy the sensation of scoring. Intelligent AI dominates the game, the match simulates in real-time, and the characters move with energy. The physics of the ball is also accurate and lifelike.

Soccer Super Star has a user-friendly interface and is appropriate for beginners. You will not, for example, be a character, nor will you have to manage the entire player to overcome the opponent’s defense. The game features a simple operation in which you must glide the ball in the desired direction. The ball will then move to the proper location, resulting in a goal. However, as you progress through the levels, the shots become more tricky and the game’s difficulty increases.

The main gameplay is not overly complicated, but the challenge progressively grows. You can rapidly become a hero in any soccer match with the perfect selection. Soccer Super Star gives you specialized scenarios. You can choose the best method for putting the ball in the goal. Anyone can play the game, so those new to the controller will like the simple action. Although the gameplay is simple, you will face numerous problems at various levels. It would be beneficial if you practiced at different levels. 

You can conduct a variety of additional kicks throughout the game, and interact with various players on the field. It is not always possible to stand in front of a goal and kick the ball. You’ll have to overcome numerous defenses and collaborate with other team members to score. As a result, you must make the passes so that your teammates can catch the ball and score goals.

During the game, you can also see the players’ incredible moves. A treble ball, for example, can be used to create high-quality scoring opportunities. At the same time, this allows you to express yourself and gain experience of being a world-famous soccer player. In general, the game’s design is highly professional. The best level of autonomy allows you to demonstrate your approach in each match. 

Offline play is available in Soccer Super Star. The game uses cutting-edge motion recording technology to bring you real-life superstars like Ronaldo and Messi. Prepare to compete in the weekly National & Club championships and reach the pinnacle of glory. The game is less energetic than traditional football. The game offers a third-person perspective and gives you access for passing or scoring. 


Soccer Super Star features easy and intuitive controls, making the game more accessible to all players, including newbies. To score a goal, move your finger across the screen and make the correct choice. You only have two choices, pass or shoot. To control the direction of the pass, glide your finger over the ball or bend the defense wall.

Sound and Graphics

Soccer Super Star features excellent 3D visuals. The overall images are stunning, and you get a taste of a world-class soccer game. There are superstars, a large pitch, and magnificent goals on display. The sound is lively and captivating, and you can hear the crowd cheering and the players passing the ball back and forth. If you prefer a soccer game, you could try “Score! Hero” or “World Soccer Champs.” Both games include high-quality 3D visuals and a realistic soccer experience with simple, engaging, and addictive gameplay.


Soccer Super Star is a fun football game to play and gain experience. The game offers high-resolution 3D graphics and can be played offline. You also have control over famous soccer stars who can score stunning goals. The game includes simple controls and gameplay (touch and swipe). The game claims to deliver an incredible football experience, complete with speed and realism.

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