Sprinkle Islands Mod Apk 1.1.6 Unlocked for Android Users

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Requires2.3 & Up
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Download the game “Sprinkle Islands” if you are an explorer who wants to save the island from fires. You’ll be able to convert into the blue shirt’s hero and drive a fantastic water truck to save the people of Titan Island from the fires. Firefighting is usually arduous and exhausting and firefighters are always respected because they are prepared to risk their lives to save others. 


A Fun Game About Islands 

The storyline of Sprinkle Islands is intriguing. The game is set on Titan’s islands, which is on fire. You play as a fireman who uses water to go on amazing adventures. The Titans’ innocent village is set ablaze, and they need your rescue individuals and your water truck. Faced with a dire predicament, the Titan creates a massive water cannon. You’ll transform into a firefighter and will attempt to achieve the objective of assisting other firemen. The game’s UI is user-friendly, and the scenarios are entertaining and rewarding.

Explore the Path of Firefighting 

Sprinkle Islands is a challenging game with a lot of fun gameplay. You must fight with bosses guarding the islands in addition to the fire extinguishing assignment. The game contains five distinct islands with a total of 60 stages. During the game, you must try to put out the fire before it spreads too far. The flames threaten the islanders’ lives, which you will extinguish with your adaptable fire truck.

Battles against bosses are also featured in the game. At the end of each firefighting campaign, players will face exciting boss battles. To finish the ultimate island quest, you must take down the boss with your fire trucks and water.

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Simple Control Mechanism

Several aspects, such as the water effect and the clever control mechanism, have left onlookers and users in awe. Players can focus on quests and overcome brain-damaging puzzles with simple controls. Additionally, the game incorporates aspects of pleasure and humor to assist players in unwinding.

To spray water on the flames, the player must change the pitch and angle of the cannon. You can also utilize water to move obstructions and clear the island by pushing rubbish towards the ocean. The winner must extinguish all fires with the least amount of water and in the shortest amount of time.

Using intuitive controls, it becomes simple to manage water and put out fires. You’ll employ obstacles, buttons, elevators, and more to protect Titan. Because water resources are limited, you must conserve them to achieve good scores at each level.

Have a Good Time

The water effects in the game are incredible. During the game, you will complete control over the creation of infinite oceans, pools, and floating things. More than eight million people watched the game. The game features cute 2D graphics and entertaining sounds. Sprinkle Islands is, in a nutshell, a fantastic 2D arcade game. You must save the island by completing a series of challenging stages. The game features an extensive mission structure as well as challenging puzzles. There are also unique bosses at the end of each level. Download “Sprinkle Islands” to have a great time!

Download Sprinkle Islands Mod Apk

Download the modified version of Sprinkle Islands and enjoy its unlocked features. Also, it will remove advertisements and in-app purchases too.

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