Stickman vs Zombies Mod Apk 1.5.12 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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A virus is a microscopic infectious agent that is hazardous to humans. The majority of them are unhealthy. What would you do if a mysterious virus appeared one day and turned people into zombies? Stickman versus Zombies is an excellent choice if you want to experience this. It is an action video game, in which you will combat zombies to rescue the planet. Let’s play Stickman vs. Zombies right now.


Explore the Globe

Aurecas has created several games, including Stickman vs. Zombies. They are a Sao Paolo-based Brazilian company that develops mobile and PC games. Both Google Play and Huawei AppGallery have Stickman vs. Zombies. As a result, you can install the game on Huawei phones or Android phones. Stickman vs. Zombies is also free to download and play as a single-person game.

Furthermore, the game’s eye-catching 2D graphics will enhance the overall experience. In various places, you will be able to meet characters and combat your adversaries with a stick body, red-eyed zombies, a blue sky, a house with similar rooms, or even a large hospital. Furthermore, the effects are realistic, and the bullets’ trajectory can be closely seen.

The actions are varied. Run, leap, drive, use weapons and perform great moves. You can hang from sky-high areas and ascend platforms. Furthermore, the game’s sound is vibrant. When your character is driving a car, you can hear the sound of weapons firing or the sound of an engine. While you’re playing, entertaining music will always be playing in the background. It is going to help you feel at ease. If you prefer silence or don’t want to bother others, you can turn off the sound in the settings.

Become a Warrior

Players will train on how to battle and move their character when they first start Stickman vs. Zombies. It will assist you in becoming familiar with the game, and it won’t take up much of your time either. To kill the zombies, press the attack button, then tap the green button to upgrade your weapon. The character can also jump, strike adversaries, and fire. It includes an automobile that allows the player to move and escape from a horde of zombies in the back. 

Furthermore, in Stickman vs. Zombies, there are numerous sorts of zombies. Each zombie will have its unique appearance and level of threat. The player will face a significant obstacle. When fighting zombies, you will face numerous challenges. The enormous zombie is highly powerful and hard to defeat. Alternatively, the zombie can carry explosives. If you get too close, it will explode. 

Weapons of Extreme Strength

The game has a large number of weaponries so that players can kill more zombies. In Stickman versus Zombies, you can choose from 14 different conventional weapons. For instance, a pistol, a bat with nails, a grenade, an SMG, a sentry gun, a shotgun, etc. You can use the handgun if you are close to the undead. Alternatively, the SMG can assist you in destroying your opponents from a safe distance. However, you will not have all weapons when you begin.

Stickman versus Zombies also includes six premium weapons. Weapons will arrive on your path at each level. You can also switch weapons by pressing the weapon switch button. You must purchase grenades to utilize them in the stages. To destroy all zombies more quickly, use your weapons wisely.

Furthermore, each weapon usually has four indicators. You can improve your weapons’ strength and number of rounds by upgrading them. You must use gold coins or diamonds to advance. When you complete the level, you will receive gold coins. However, the player must accomplish the game’s mission to get diamonds. You can also improve the health of the character. It will make your character quick and allow you to win battles easily.

Multi-Language Support

Stickman vs. Zombies supports up to 46 different languages. English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bosnian, Catalan, Danish, German, Spanish, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese and so on. They will assist gamers worldwide in better understanding and completing the game’s missions. To switch to another language, go to Settings and select the language you wish to use.

Stickman versus Zombies attracts many players due to its easy controls and rigorous action. After a long day at work, you can unwind and enjoy yourself. Furthermore, destroying all zombies will necessitate a variety of effective tactics, and this can help you think and evaluate more clearly. You can preserve your progress by logging into your social account. Stickman vs. Zombies runs smoothly on all devices. Install Stickman versus Undead and save the planet from the zombies.

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