Stupid Zombies 3 V2.3 (Mod Unlimited Gold Bars) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
Size82 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited
Updated02 Days Ago
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Take on your ultimate zombie shooter challenges with hundreds of unique levels in Stupid Zombies 3. Like the previous two editions, Stupid Zombies 1 & 2, Android gamers can enjoy the unique and refreshing tactical gameplay in part 3. Immerse yourself in the gameplay that offers incredible mechanics and level designs. To progress on your quest and bring peace to mankind, kill the ugly and foolish zombies. Interact with the silly zombies to experience thrilling moments. 

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Android gamers will play as a bold gunman who finds himself surrounded by vicious yet ignorant zombies. With an increasing number of humans being infected by zombies and turning into these mindless animals, gamers must fight their way out of the scenario while unlocking fascinating powers.

Explore and experience the unique gameplay in this intriguing mobile title. The game allows you to perform spectacular shots with limited ammo and varied level settings. Use the terrains and the bouncing bullets to defeat as many adversaries as possible. Calculate your shots and take advantage of the environment to progress through Stupid Zombies 3’s fantastic gameplay. Unlock interesting rewards and have fun with the features.


Here is a list of all of the game’s fantastic features.

Addictive Gameplay

Android gamers will appreciate the basic yet incredibly addictive action in Stupid Zombies 3. The directed gunfire will show you the true directions of the bullets, so that you can quickly become acquainted with the game. Furthermore, the game offers conventional touch controls and 2D side-scrolling action. 

Interesting Levels

In terms of tactical gameplay, Stupid Zombies 3 presents innovative and refreshing techniques that allow you to enjoy the levels. Have fun with a variety of intriguing dynamics while immersed in fantastic in-game experiences. Begin by utilizing the bouncing bullets to create thrilling bank shots on the undead. The guided aims will assist you in your shots as you progress through the stages. Utilize the layouts and obstacles to skillfully get through the challenges. There will be dozens of exploitable items all around you that can be used against the enemies. As a result, you can either blow up the zombies with your gas canister, slice them in half with falling blades, or crush them with the game’s weighted objects.

Variety of Weapons to Choose From

Stupid Zombies 3 includes a variety of weaponry that you can pick up and use. The Trusty Shotguns, the Fiery Flare Gun, the RPG Launcher, and the Baseball Bomber have unique shots with various effects. Enjoy the unique qualities and use them against your opponents to win battles.

Enjoy the Game’s Challenging Levels

You will have the opportunity to play over 200 brain-busting levels with great and distinctive sets. You can fight several adversaries in various settings and use the available materials to devise your strategies for conquering them.

You Can Play the Game Online or Offline

Stupid Zombies 3 includes a fully unlocked gameplay that you can play anytime you want, with or without an Internet connection. You can play the game outside without using your mobile data. 

Several Achievements to Complete

You can opt to fulfill many in-game achievements and win the three-stared gifts after each task to make each level more fascinating and gratifying. Feel free to challenge yourself in Stupid Zombies 3 and earn wonderful rewards for completing achievements.

Play for Free

Despite all the fantastic features, Android gamers can still play the game for free on their mobile devices. Download the game from the Google Play Store without spending anything.

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Play Stupid Zombies 3 with different unlocked levels. The game offers infinite money, unlocked content, and no adverts, allowing you to immerse yourself in the experiences. Download and install the Stupid Zombies 3 Mod Apk and enjoy the ad-free gaming. 

Sound and Video Quality


Immerse yourself in the 2D zombie shooter challenges, including responsive mechanics, gruesome intriguing scenarios, and simple settings. Thanks to the low-resource graphics options, you can enjoy in-game experiences on most mobile devices.


Stupid Zombies 3 also offers immersive gameplay with responsive sound effects, intriguing soundtracks, and exciting visual experiences. Feel free to delve right into the action while listening to soothing music.


Those of you who are looking for an exciting experience, Android players will be able to appreciate the unique gameplay. However, the exceptional level layouts and in-game mechanisms allow you to fully appreciate the tactical aspects of 2D shooter action. Download the game today and enjoy.

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