Tiny Gladiators Mod Apk 2.4.4 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperBoomBit Games
Requires4.4 & Up
Size82 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Role-Playing Games, or RPGs, are a classic type that is particularly popular among young people. Tiny Gladiators is a game similar in that perspective. The game doesn’t have a sophisticated or extensive storyline but it’s worth playing and spending your time. 

The game’s plot is around a teenage gladiator who witnesses his father, an elderly gladiator, being murdered by a magician in the Colosseum. Players will assume the character of that gladiator and seek vengeance for him by completing levels in Story Mode. Aside from that, the game offers two more modes: survival and PVP, in which you fight in real-time with your friend or other players from around the world.

From the aesthetics to the gameplay, the graphics are excellent with vibrant color display. All of the characters in the game have a large head with closed eyes, a small body, and weapons. You can customize the character’s skin, hair, and eyes by choosing from four primary forms (Skelly, Dwarfy, Hairy, and Oldman). Using 1900 diamonds, players can pick between four classes: Knight, Spearman, Assassin, and Colossus. Character control is also relatively simple, using only six virtual buttons. Attack, jump, and utilize skills with them. The player’s control determines their odds of winning.


Excellent Fighting Scenes 

The game offers diversity and attraction, typically known for an RPG. Players can choose from four characters, classes and different types of equipment. Each class has its own set of weapons, speed, and abilities. The knight has a longsword and a shield and can charge forward and strike the adversary with lightning, while the spearman wields a spear with incredible flexibility and throw it to deal massive damage. 

Double-knifed assassins can intensify their attack by appearing behind the enemy and attacking them. Colossus is a mighty warrior who wields a massive sword that swings like a tornado, dealing several wounds to opponents and knocking down any standing opponent. Players will get skill points to upgrade two active and two passive skills as their character level rises. To get more out of the game, players can create up to four characters individually.

Our character’s quest takes him across seven lands, with about 200 levels and over 30 bosses and bonus levels. Defeating these bosses and completing extra levels will reward you with rare and powerful items that will allow you to progress and discover the backstory. Players can also customize their artifact equipment and activate more strength and ability.

Aside from the single-player story mode, Tiny Gladiators offers a clan function that unlocks once players reach level 20, allowing them to meet other players and face bosses. Furthermore, in Player vs Player mode, you can compete against other players, equip your character with your strongest gear, and enter a Genuine Time Arena with real and powerful opponents worldwide. Finally, Tiny Gladiators Mod Apk has an unending fight mode called Survival Tower, in which you must defeat as many adversaries as possible to obtain valuable rewards.

Daily Login Rewards

Players that log in every day will receive daily incentives and the opportunity to play survival tower for free. You need to watch advertisements to support the developers and receive goodies to win the game. Furthermore, seeing advertising before each encounter will boost your damage output by 25%, up to 150 percent. 

There is no equipment for sale in the store, but you can buy gold and diamond crates. The game’s story mode is available offline, so players can play it whenever and wherever they like. However, PVP and clan clashes require an Internet connection. When you connect to the Internet, the game will instantly sync, so you won’t lose the items or levels you’ve completed.

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