Townsmen Mod Apk 1.14.5 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
Size97 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Townsmen Premium is a fantastic medieval city-building game in which you are the monarch, and your goal is to expand your modest hamlet into a medieval empire. Construct structures, harvest crops and assist the people to thrive. Earn money from your taxes and construct intriguing structures such as horse arenas, taverns, and markets. 

The game offers a variety of tasks to assist with the beautification of the community. Make stunning statues, monuments, and lush gardens. Furthermore, keep an eye out for hidden threats such as local bandits, external vandals, and other opponents plundering your quiet village.


Manage Your City 

The game centers on customizing, administering, and developing the old city. Your goal is to construct barracks and watchtowers to provide solid defense. You must also recruit courageous soldiers to defend your people against attacking enemies. Go to great lengths to ensure that your empire is run flawlessly from your castle. Ensure that your people have a pleasant, happy existence. 

The game is not simple as building large towns in a medieval environment requires effort. Cities will begin small but they will grow in size as time passes. People flock to your city in record numbers, creating numerous employment every day. Gather resources and trade them for cash.  The game offers a compelling tale, wide range of scenarios, and numerous tasks. 

Game Development 

The game of the famous Townsmen series, Townsmen Premium, is a wonderful improvement with high appealing features. Handy Games is the developer behind it. While playing, you will have to establish a wealthy and thriving city in the Middle Ages. Begin on a small tract of land in a rural village with only a handful of residents. To create farms, you must locate and exploit metal ore mines and rich land areas. Also, harvesting the farm will net you gold, which can be used to purchase various items. You can extend your productivity by developing more farms and gardens with your money. The game includes several structures, such as tall houses, amusement parks, markets, and pubs.

City Development and Attendance 

You manage the population to establish a range of jobs such as sales, transportation, and service workers at entertainment venues as the game grows. Apart from the trade, you can collect taxes to unlock a slew of other categories. You are exposed to several hidden and unpredictable threats to people’s lives. Be contended with hordes of bandits in the surrounding locations. Rain, floods, blizzards, and droughts are among the various natural calamities in the game. Many problems might jeopardize crops and expose you to deadly infections. If you’re a savvy leader, you’ll have solid strategies to defend the city.

Effective Investment 

Townsmen Premium is simple at first, involving plenty of money and low risks. Use the money from the harvest or the resident’s tax money to grow the city over time. Add smaller settlements, stunning buildings and dwellings in the entire area, making it look appealing. You can construct different types of dwellings and structures, such as majestic castles, monumental monuments, and romantic river bridges.

Townsmen Premium is a superb management-build game with realistic 3D visuals in a nutshell. In your dreams, you will have the opportunity to manage a medieval city and prepare for a relaxing and authentic city-building adventure.


Experience unlimited medieval city construction.

Missions that are realistic and tough.

3D images that are clear and accessible to everyone


Creating awesome cities necessitates talent.

With so many workers, construction takes a long time.


If you are avid fan of buildings and constructional play, then Townsmen Premium is the ideal game for you. Download it today and enjoy.

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