Traffic Tour Mod Apk 1.8.1 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperWolves Interactive
Requires4.2 & Up
Size82 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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You won’t find a better title on your mobile device than Traffic Tour if you are seeking a realistic and immersive racing experience. Create your ultimate racing adventures with amazing automobiles, realistic traffic, and astounding physics. Take on the ultimate speed challenges in Traffic Tour while having fun with a range of various racing gameplay on your mobile devices. Alternatively, you can explore the vast city through life-like driving simulations.

With our customized version of Traffic Tour, you can learn more about the excellent gameplay.


Android gamers will find themselves engrossed in the excellent gameplay of driving simulation and racing movements. Thanks to realistic routes with traffic aspects and powerful automobiles, feel free to have a good time with your racing and driving activities. Get aboard your favorite vehicles and have a blast. 

Have a good time racing alone or taking on the most difficult challenges with your fearsome opponents. Take part in thrilling races, defeat your opponents, and progress in the game. To fully immerse yourself in the spectacular racing gameplay, make use of easy controls and immersive in-game physics. Enjoy your ultimate racing adventures and check out Wolves Interactive outstanding gameplay.


Below are some of the game’s fascinating features.

No Restrictions on the Number of Races

This game offers endless automobile racing fun with no fuel or time constraints. You’re in charge of your vehicle and are free to take any path you want. Enjoy unique racing adventures that you won’t find anywhere else. As you advance through Traffic Tour, have fun with the fascinating gameplay.

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Select Your Favorite Camera Settings

Android gamers will also enjoy the game’s realistic and exciting gameplay in various camera modes, each with its own set of unique and interesting experiences. Enjoy the powerful first-person view and driver camera to feel like you’re the one driving the vehicle. Alternatively, enjoy the thrilling racing experience in the intuitive third-person view.

Feel Free to Change Controls

Additionally, the game’s configurable controls will help you immerse yourself in the addictive racing adventures. Feel free to use the tilt capability to have fun. 

Different Game Modes 

You can freely participate in Traffic Tour’s fascinating gameplay in various game modes, each with its own distinctive and delightful experiences. The game offers delightful racing experiences, which you can enjoy anytime. Compete in real-time races against friends and Internet gamers worldwide. To have your matchups ready, submit requests to your friends or other online gamers using their specified IDs.

Free Run: If you don’t feel like competing, race through the tracks in the free mode. You can pick any of your favorite vehicles and use them to cruise through different terrains. 

Career: Enjoy the game while building your unique racing career. As you seek to have endless fun with Traffic Tour, go on various addictive missions and challenges throughout the game. Win against your opponents, acquire special awards, and progress in Traffic Tour’s fascinating gameplay.

Time Trial: Try the Time Trial challenges if you want a more intense and thrilling race. To win the epic races, try to go as fast as possible. Aim for the best vehicles and the most thrilling races.

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Have a Blast With the Best Racing Game

Traffic Tour delivers excellent racing experiences with realistic landscapes to make the racing experiences more interesting. You can race and drive in various environments, including highways, cities, deserts, and rainy and snowy terrains. All of this adds to the realism. You can also enjoy your favorite tunes in different environments by changing the day and night settings.

Enjoy a Wide Range of Vehicles 

You can participate in exciting racing and driving gameplay with various automobiles and settings. Feel free to participate in the racing game with over 40 different automobiles. You can unlock unique and thrilling racing experiences with any of your favorite automobiles. Collect the blueprints and try to build your vehicles to unlock them.

Numerous Upgrades and Enhancements

The game provides a plethora of significant upgrades and boosts that you can utilize to enhance your racing adventures. Feel free to participate in the fantastic gameplay and enjoy. You can upgrade its speed, handling, and brakes. Also get the strong Nitrous, which will let you participate in the races fully.

Traffic Simulations

Furthermore, to make the races more realistic and immersive, you can explore the spectacular traffic in the game. Feel free to participate in the thrilling racing game with the available trucks, buses, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles on the road. 

Unlock Bigger Rewards

Android gamers can use the game’s accessible features to generate a few difficulties and excitements. Feel free to participate in thrilling games, with multiple traffic cars along the routes. To get bonuses, overtake them at speeds exceeding 100 km/h. As you ride at night, you’ll be able to earn more money. Enjoy going into the other lanes and demonstrating your superior handling skills to collect bonuses. 

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It’s Free to Play

Android gamers can still enjoy their favorite mobile game for free in Traffic Tour despite all the fascinating in-game features. Download the game from the Google Play Store and enjoy.

Mod Version

Play the game’s unlocked version, which offers fun features and experiences. You can fully immerse yourself in Traffic Tour’s addictive adventures without being restricted by commercials or in-game purchases. So, download and install the Traffic Tour Mod Apk and enjoy.

Sound and Video Quality


With Traffic Tour’s amazing graphics and visual effects, you will enjoy racing with different automobiles, each with their unique design and stunning effects, Android gamers will be thoroughly engrossed in the dramatic races. Simultaneously, the new dynamics will enable mobile gamers to immerse themselves in more races.

Music and Sound

Thanks to its immersive audio features, spectacular images, and strong graphics, the game also provides ultimate racing experiences. You’ll be able to enjoy amazing races with realistic sound effects and soundtracks. 


For those who enjoy thrilling races, will surely like to play Traffic Tour. Feel free to participate in thrilling racing events with fantastic automobiles. To improve your gameplay, look at the in-depth car customizations and upgrades. With spectacular graphics and fun mechanics, you’ll be able to unlock comfortable and pleasurable racing experiences. All of this combines to make Traffic Tour a fantastic title on your mobile devices. 

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