Turbo FAST 2.1.20 (MOD Unlimited Tomatoes)

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Requires2.3.4 and Up
Size97.5 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Tomatoes/Unlocked
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Turbo Fast Mod Apk

Take part in one-of-a-kind racing experiences with the super-fast snails, where you’ll be thoroughly engrossed in action. You must ride on spectacular tracks and compete against your opponents to win the matches.

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H2 – Story

In the game, you’ll accompany your snail on their quest to become the best racer of all time (depending on the decisions you made at the start of the game). To begin, you’ll need the assistance of Tito the Taco Man, who will lead you to the racing businesses. As you begin your first races, learn the fundamentals. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the tracks, you can start challenging your opponents in exciting PvP races. 

The game includes several upgrades and customizations that you can apply to your vehicles. Feel free to equip your snails with the best upgrades so that you can attain maximum speed while also giving them unique aesthetics with a variety of configurable options.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Turbo fast is a one-of-a-kind racing game

Fans of the popular Turbo FAST series will have access to the iconic racer Turbo and his companions Chet and the Fast Action Stunt Team. As you go through several levels and stages, you’ll meet various characters from the movies and learn about their unique stories and games.

Unlock a wide range of upgrades and modifications

To make your racers more capable, you can choose from a range of upgrades and customizations to entirely transform the look and performance of their vehicles. Go to the Garage, and you’ll get access to the spectacular shell upgrades and other goodies. You can also dress up your snails with new pictures, paints, and even neon glows to make them incredibly distinctive.

Pick up the pre-race mods 

You can also select additional pre-race mods before the races to enable unique features and performances on your snails as you compete. You can acquire amazing features such as increased speed, gasoline, and time to help you finish the races with better results.

Unique race tracks 

Gamers in Turbo FAST will have access to a range of various racing tracks to put their talents and abilities to the test. Choose from 13 different tracks, each with its challenges and hurdles to overcome.

Various control choices 

With various control options to choose from, gamers in Turbo FAST can play the game with their favorite controls. Choose between the challenging controls and the till functionality to get the most out of the game. Choose from the thumb stick and the button styles to provide the greatest features.

Discover racing events

Gamers in Turbo FAST can participate in one-of-a-kind racing events that offer distinct gameplay. However, you can participate in Time Trials to complete particular stages in the fastest time possible.

Make a video of your great events 

Gamers can also use the replay tool to view their outstanding tricks and store them on their phones at any time to keep their epic moments in the game safe. You are free to preserve and even share your unforgettable stunts with your friends. You can connect the game to your Facebook or Twitter account to instantly find your friends who are also playing the game. You can see their progress and their names on the leaderboards with this. 

Compete against online gamers 

Gamers can challenge friends and other online gamers worldwide in huge PvP fights. You can compete against one other and win tomatoes as a prize. If you prefer competitive and furious races, the leaderboards will be your target. Take them head-on and win to gain access to amazing rewards.

With our mod, you can play for free 

The game can be downloaded and installed on your mobile devices for free. However, because it still includes in-app purchases and advertisements, you may find the game irritating. If that’s the case, you’ll like our customized version of the game. You can get all in-app purchases for free, as well as have different commercials eliminated. Download and install our Turbo FAST Mod Apk on your Android devices to get started.

Sound and Video Quality


The game boasts magnificent 3D graphics that immerse you in a world of immersive and exciting racing challenges. The realistic landscapes and well-designed snails will make you feel as though you’re racing in real. 


Turbo Fast will thoroughly engross you in the epic racing difficulties with powerful and profound sound sensations. Enjoy the music and effects while driving through different terrains.

Download Turbo FAST Mod 2.1.20 Android APK

The popular Turbo Dismount and Hill Climb Racing fans will enjoy another thrilling adventure in Turbo FAST. As you enter into the game’s enormous snail races, you’ll enjoy an immersive racing experience. Download the game now and enjoy.

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