War Machines Mod Apk 6.14.1 (Map Hack) For Android Users

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DeveloperFun Games For Free
Requires4.1 & Up
Size117 MB
MOD FeaturesHack Map
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War Machines is a game based on warfare and machines. You take command of your favorite tanks and battle the enemies to win. The game provides free and paid army combat. Enter the world of epic battles, where you combat elite army stars with powerful tanks in real-time action. Choose from a wide range of battle tanks worldwide. Your goal is to use your military tank to win the fight and become the best tank commander on the planet.


War Machines is a modern warfare simulator where each round lasts three minutes. To win combats, you need to shoot down as many tanks as possible. You can use combat tanks from China, the United States, Russia, Japan, and other developed countries. The game features an explosive environment filled with incredible battle tanks. You can join military engagements in groups or participate in military battles.

War Machines has a wide range of tanks to choose from. You must decide on your battle style before selecting the appropriate tank and ultimately deciding to win the conflicts. Select a light tank to swiftly scout the opponent’s region and eliminate the adversary. Also, you can choose the heaviest Panzer to use heavy cannons. Unlock and improve a range of epic battle tanks to become the star tank. 

Many diverse environments are available in War Machines. Combat your enemy with tactics and a range of artillery from World War II. Also, you can fight in different scenarios, including European cities, industrial zones with war robots, and so on. The game provides thrilling war experiences. Prepare your tank for a fight in the harsh globe and emerge as the war’s greatest survivor. 

Fast-paced online tank combats are available in War Machines. Control the tank, attack your opponents, and defend the faith of your country. Earn fantastic tanks and become the next top military commander by fighting in battles. Because the opponents are formidable, you can opt to battle in groups or solo. Military tanks are difficult to destroy, for which you’ll need an influential tank with plenty of upgrades. You can battle your friends online and visit familiar World War II locales and industrial parks.

War Machines has two enjoyable game types to pick from. The spectacular online tank combat will keep you entertained for hours. You can fight war machines in military-industrial zones or join your friends on World War II battlegrounds in several European locations. It’s important to remember that only the best army and vehicles can survive fierce conflicts. The game provides excellent military simulations. 

War Machines features intriguing gameplay that is simple to learn yet difficult to master. You’ll be up against eight opponents at once, including AI-controlled opponents and live gamers from across the world. As in any Deathmatch, your goal is to defeat as many foes as possible while avoiding death. After each victory, you will receive resources, bonuses, and upgrades that will allow you to unlock new tanks or enhance existing ones. To build a powerful war machine capable of defeating the enemy, you must perform several tasks.


War Machines offer easy controls appropriate for gamers. The control technique is practical, allowing your hands to be free. The controls on the phone are optimized, providing for exciting tank combat.

Sound and Graphics

War Machines features stunning 3D graphics and excellent audio features. Any fan of the military genre will like the detailed 3D graphics and realistic physics, with stunning visuals. The tanks are created with realism that is pictured in popular films. Give “War Robots” a try if you enjoy gigantic robot shooting games. You will face opponents from all over the world in the game’s spectacular PvP fights. 


If you enjoy online shooting games, War Machines is the one for you. The game allows you to fight in teams or play solo in ferocious battles in well-known European stadiums. It includes a wide range of tanks and upgrades to let you construct the ideal battling style. Prepare to take on your friends in full-speed real-time combat and become a top-ranked player. Battle tanks from all around the world and put your skills to the test. 

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