Warplanes: Ww2 Dogfight Mod Apk 2.2.2 (Free Shopping) For Android Users

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Many teenagers and adults have grown up playing classical action games like “Wing Commander” or “Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders.” Fortunately for those looking for decent gameplay and engaging action sequences, then “Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight” is the one you need. 

Home Net Games has created Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight, and previously released titles like “The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt,” “Zombie Defense,” and “Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander,” all of which are notable action game titles. “Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight” is a game about air combat, including base management, team building, and enemy destruction.


The game is set during World War II, where you can pick between three campaign options: Britain, Germany, or Russia. You will be able to take control of historical planes, feel the tension, and hear the engines while battling opponents in the air. Also, you will have to protect lands from bombers, guide planes to eliminate targets, fight over the sea to weaken the adversaries, and do several other tasks to win the battle. Construct bases, hangars, and workshops to strengthen your force. 


Numerous Tasks 

Attack, Defend, Attack Boats, and Special are the four primary types of missions. Also, combat methods are split into two categories: easy and hard. The planes determine the difficulty for each operation in a different way. It doesn’t include the count of enemies that you have taken down in the air or on the ground. You’ll need a powerful plane with bombs or rockets pinpoint accuracy to destroy an opposing ship while defending your base. 

Embarrassing Crewmates

Players must hire the greatest crewmates because they will be directing their team to win battles. You will be able to employ pilots and train them to enhance their skills in “Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight.” Hiring extra pilots necessitates more planes and upgrades, but this will demonstrate the difference in your gameplay and the squad’s strength. You can also send the pilots on random missions to collect resources for plane upgrades and more. 

Special Awards and Currencies

After completing assignments, players will gain money, such as silver, gold, oil, or medals, which can be used to purchase planes, skill upgrades, high-level base structure upgrades, and other resources. Gold is awarded for harder tasks, and medals can be swapped for equipment upgrades. Silver can be used to repair planes, maintaining the facility, and improving skills. 

Everything is presented clearly, from resource management to base upgrades. However, failure to complete a mission is not uncommon as your planes are continuously hurled with bombs and rockets. Repairing them and getting them ready for combat would cost you half of the money you just earned. 

Over 30 Distinct Planes

You can fly your favorite aircraft, such as LA-F5N, FW200 “Condor,” Lancaster Bomber, and more. Feel free to select any planes that pique your curiosity; they are all yours. You can also personalize your plane with decals, paints, and upgrades to make it your own.

Simple Controls 

Planes are equipped with different types of buttons, such as lock-on, fire and bomb. The enemy will be automatically aimed and shot by holding a button close to the target with lock-on mode enabled. In hard mode, however, players must manually target adversaries. They can use the left trigger to zoom in and aim to lock on to the enemy, then fire to dispatch them rapidly. 


After a time of nonstop play, players will notice that the missions become monotonous. If you dislike waiting, progress toward unlocking planes and upgrades.

Sound Quality and Graphic Visuals 


“Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight” has excellent images. The game plays smoothly and at a reasonable frame rate. While flying in combat, the skies and terrains are stunning, with realistic lighting and colors.


There are voice-overs in the native language of each country, and the lines are delivered nicely. The soundtrack in this game will keep you tense during the battle, with explosives and aircraft engines sounding.


“Warplanes: WWII Dogfight” offers far more than you can imagine. With solid gameplay and a wide variety of airplanes, this game is well worth your time, and you may find yourself unable to look away.

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